Host Your Next Event at Mādahòkì Farm

We are excited to welcome your groups to Mādahòkì Farm (to share the land!) We are now ready to open our doors for any of your future events, tours, meetings or celebrations! As these lands will be used for sacred ceremony and events, we are NOT able to accommodate any events that include alcohol or drugs.

Canada’s only Indigenous Agri-tourism destination and working farm has much to offer:

  • Nestled on 164 acres of scenic farmland in Ottawa’s greenbelt only 15 minutes from downtown conveniently located directly off Highway 416
  • Free onsite parking for approximately 90 to 100 cars (or large bus parking area)
    Currently offer upgraded bathroom trailer with two separate units (and accessible porta-potty)
    Mamawii (Indoor Lodge) that accommodates up to 160 people seated with small stage and fireplace
  • Numerous unique outdoor event spaces for groups of 50 to 1,000, with firepits, outdoor stages, large grass areas including a ceremony/teachings space with a permanent gazebo and benches
  • Access to onsite marketplace with authentic Indigenous arts, crafts and culinary items for your guests to browse and purchase
  • Access to prep kitchen space for catering services (fees apply).
  • Connection to preferred suppliers who can provide impressive décor, Indigenous and Farm style catering options, tents/logistics and even Indigenous wedding officiants.

Spaces, Specifications and Rates


Our rentals can include use of our existing equipment/assets:

  • Outdoor seating (picnic tables) total of 50 seats.
  • Indoor seating (tables and chairs) in Mamawii Lodge for 100
  • Stationary bench seating for 75 in Tribal Council (benches around firepit) and 75 in Ceremony Space
  • Viewing of the Ojbiwe Spirit Horses in their paddocks
  • Walk our Legacy Trail to view interpretive signage on traditional medicines and messages of reconciliation on our painted rocks (left by visitors) It is a rustic/natural trail.

Indigenous Makers Market 

Enjoy and shop local artists from our Indigenous Marketplace. Our Marketplace promotes artisanal and agriculture products made by Indigenous artists, makers, farmers, and businesses including everything from artwork, beaded earrings, sweet grass candles to Awazibi Maple Syrup and Indigenous sourced fish! Our trading post is open weekly – Wednesday – Sunday (11 am – 4 pm). We can extend our operating hours if requested during time of site booking if arranged and approved in advance.

Health & Safety

Also note that all rental clients are expected to ensure that their event meets all current Ottawa Public Health Requirements and COVID restrictions including vaccinations for indoor spaces and use of masks, ample cleaning and hand washing stations. For our own festivals and events, we do accept proof of a negative test within 72 hours for staff, volunteers and guests. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure they are familiar with the most up to date requirements and have health and safety plans in place for their event. Indigenous Experiences is not liable for any private events at the property but will request proof of your Health and Safety plans prior to the event.

Make your visit a complete Indigenous experience

We want to ensure that your visit with us in the best experience possible and exceeds all expectations.   When renting the space, please considering adding any of our customized program and options to provide your guests with a more memorable Indigenous experience.   Please note these options are offered a la carte so that you can build a program and experience, that supports your groups interests and time available on the farm. 

Traditional Opening and Welcome

Invite one of our Cultural Ambassadors (or a local elder) to welcome your group to the farm in a traditional manner with a personal introduction, Algonquin Land Acknowledgement and welcome song.  Approximately 10 minutes. 

  • Ambassador Welcome - $400 + HST 
  • Invited Elder Opening - $600  + HST

Traditional Tea and Bannock by the Fire

Enhance your booking with us on-site by adding one of our most popular “Indigenous Experiences” – Traditional Tea and Bannock by a rustic bonfire completes any visit to the Farm. This program will have you rolling up your sleeves and prepare and cook your own Bannock over the open fire. Then relax around the fire and enjoy some of our traditional teas! or Add an Elder/storyteller to enhance your experience and hear about their traditional values and stories fireside!

Animated by one of our Team Members

  • Full Day - $750 + HST 
  • ½ Day - $500 + HST

  • Add On – Elder  /Storyteller - $500 ½ day + HST  

  • Add on – Tea & Bannock on a stick (min. 20) - $8/person + HST

Feel the Heartbeat Workshop

Visitors and guests will explore our strong connection to Mother Earth through her “Heartbeat” while learning a new song and exploring musical connections through this interactive workshop. This music workshop is interactive where the audience participates with rattles and a stomp dance.

Led by one of our ambassadors.  Approx. 1 hour.

  • Full Day of Workshops (max. 4 groups) - $750 + HST 

  • ½ Day of Workshops (max. 2 groups) - $500 + HST

Activated Spaces and Animation

Guided Legacy Trail/Medicine Walk  

Walk our rustic legacy trail with one of our Ambassadors – sharing stories of the lands and listen to healing properties that our natural plants hold. 

Enjoy this land based experience while you learn about Indigenous culture and heritage; and reconnect to the land and gain traditional knowledge about the seasons and the moons plants and wildlife important to Indigenous people.   Also lining the trails, are important messages of Reconciliation on the rocks painted and left by our previous visitors.  These are rustic trails and require appropriate outdoor footwear to enjoy. 

Animated Tour - By one of our ambassadors (40-60 minutes and approx. 1 km trail) 

  • Full Day of Tours (x 4 groups – max 50 each) - $750 + HST 
  • ½ Day of Tours (x 2 groups – max 50 each) - $500 + HST

Reconciliation Rocks

Visit our Reconciliation Rock Station & paint your own reconciliation rock – Write or draw your own message or picture of reconciliation on a personalized orange rock and leave your mark along our Legacy trail! The material costs cover the cost of purchase, cleaning, painting and varnish of your rocks. We encourage any groups that can, also make a donation to the work being done for reconciliation and survivors to any charitable group, including our partner Legacy of Hope found on the website. 

Animated exhibit - By one of our ambassadors

  • Full Day - $750 + HST 
  • ½ Day - $500 + HST

**** Animation cost + $ 5 per rock + HST

Rare Ojibway Spirit Horses

Witness the beauty and hear the stories of the Rare Ojibway Spirit Horses. 

Indigenous Experiences are proud to welcome our new herd of the rare and endangered Ojibwe Spirit Horses to the Madahoki farm. These horses really share their own story on the sacred connection to the Ontario lands where they roamed free for thousands of years. You will have a chance to see these special little horses and hear their stories through the work of Artist Rhonda Snow with a painted series of stories she collected from the Elders across Turtle Island on their memories of this once wild horse.

Animated Visit - By one of our ambassadors

  • Full Day of Tours (x 4 groups – max 50 each) - $750 + HST 
  • ½ Day of Tours (x 2 groups – max 50 each) - $500 + HST

Farm Play and Petting Zoo

Sometimes, families just want to play on the farm and meet some farm animals up close and personal – a nice touch to any event with kids of all ages.  Meet our resident sheep, goats, bunnies, and chickens.

Animated Station - By one of our ambassadors

  • Full Day Animation - $750 + HST 
  • ½ Day Animation - $500 + HST


Add a rustic bonfire to any of your site rentals or experiences. This cost includes a “manned Fire” as well as the firewood!

Manned Fire - by one of our Team Members

  • Full Day - $750 + HST 
  • ½ Day - $500 + HST

Make and Take Creative Workshops

Dreamcatcher & Medicine Wheel Workshop

Lead by one of our ambassadors, this workshop will have your guests making their own dreamcatcher and learning about the traditional origin story of dreamcatchers or the teachings of the medicine wheel with 4 sacred colours, directions and medicines. 

Animated Workshop - By one of our ambassadors. Approx. 1 to 1.5 hours. 

Workshop Hosting Cost - $350 + HST 

Each kit is an additional $10 per person + HST 

Corn Husk Doll Workshop

Led by one of our ambassadors, this workshop uses the husks from corn to create a traditional no face doll. In Indigenous tradition – the dolls have no face and you will learn the meaning behind hat. 

Animated Workshop - By one of our ambassadors. Approx. 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Workshop Hosting Cost - $350 + HST 

Each kit is an additional $10 per person + HST  

Traditional Rattle Workshop

Enjoy the traditional stories and historical knowledge as you are guided through the process of crafting a traditional rattle! Using traditional materials, you will weave deer skin around a birchwood frame with the leather lacing provided and add corn inside before tying off to dry overnight.

Animated Workshop - By David Finkle.  Approx. 1 hour 

Workshop Hosting Cost - $350 + HST 

Each kit is an additional $50 per person + HST 

Hand Drum Workshop

Enjoy traditional stories and historical knowledge (and don't hesitate to ask questions) as you are guided  through the process of crafting your own Traditional Hand Drum! Using traditional materials you will weave deer skin around an Ashwood frame with the leather lacing, before tying off to dry overnight.

Animated Workshop - By David Finkle.  Approx 3 hours. 

Workshop Hosting Cost - $350 + HST 

Each kit is an additional $100 per person + HST  

Team Building Activities 

Our new home @ Mādahòkì Farm is the perfect location for your next company picnic, cultural awareness retreats and team building workshops! With over 160 acres of land to share and discover we have the team to help make your event a great success! 

Our staff and team retreats have always been popular in the past on Victoria Island, so we are super excited to be able to bring them back once again at our new farm location with more year-round buildings, unique meeting spaces and land to explore. 

To help create an event that meets your corporate objectives, we have listed some of the potential workshops and activities in a format where you can create your custom experience, by adding on any of our cultural programming listed below or independently. 

Introduction to Indigenous Culture 

Madahoki Farm sits on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Nation.  However, one of the beautiful things about this region is our urban Indigenous community is diverse. This workshop will be led by the Indigenous cultural ambassador team and introduce the participants to the rich diversity of our nations, the common beliefs and way of life among our community and some of the most common questions they receive.  This introduction will end with an opportunity for the group to engage the Ambassadors with any questions they have.   

Approx 1.0 hours with introduction and questions - $500 + HST 

Elders Teachings & Talking Circle       

Invite an elder to do a traditional First Nation land acknowledgment and opening prayer. Each opening ceremony varies – as each elder choses to share their wisdom in their own way/words. 

In addition to their participation, the elder could lead a talking circle to discuss an area of interest for your group or company. (Must be mentioned at time of Booking as we will confirm the Elder's comfort with the subject). This tradition includes an opportunity for each voice to be heard, recognized, and valued as part of the process, with the traditional passing of a sacred object. Alternatively, the elder could introduce the rich teachings of the medicine wheel in a cultural awareness workshop. 

Approx 1.5 hours with opening and talking circle - $750 + HST 

Team Dream Catcher/Medicine Wheel Workshop

Groups create their own dream catcher or medicine wheel but as part of a team! This activity does not just introduce our guests to the teachings and story behind each craft, it’s a lesson in team leadership and communication. Once broken down into smaller groups, team members will take a turn retrieving directions on the next part of the process in creating their own dreamcatcher (or medicine wheel). 

They will return to the table and relate the instructions to their team; teaching each of them how to complete it before the next member returns to the instructor for the next step. You can be sure that each team will create unique and memorable dream catchers, no two will be alike! (Includes all equipment and supplies in kit cost) 

Approx. length is 1 to 1.5 hours      

Workshop Host Cost - $300 + HST

Additional $10 per Craft Kit + HST

Authentic Indigenous Entertainment

Indigenous Experiences - Drum Group and First Nation Dancers

Our talented group of Pow Wow drum and dancers have shared their traditions and talent with millions of visitors from around the world.  Sure to be a highlight of any event.   You can feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth through the drum, witness the vibrance, resilience and beauty of our culture through these dances which have been passed on through the generations and continue to inspire our future generations.  Each dance style shares important insight to our culture, teachings, and beliefs as told through the recorded narration, or live emcee available upon request.  

Styles available in this region are Men’s Traditional and Grass, Women’s Traditional, Fancy and Jingle as well as talented hoop dancers -both traditional and contemporary.   

The full performance can range from 20-40 minutes depending on the number of dancers and time available in your itinerary. 

Prices for performances include, but are not limited to: 

3 Dancers (different styles) w/ recorded narration & song - $1,100 + HST 

4 Dancers (different styles) w/ recorded narration & song - $1,300 + HST

5 Dancers (different styles) w/ recorded narration & song - $1,500 + HST

Hoop Dancer (as additional performer to above troupes) - $500 + HST 

Hoop Dancer (as solo artist to CD or booked drum) - $750 + HST

Other Talented Indigenous Artists!

We are happy to invite other First Nation, Metis and Inuit Artists to the Farm to be part of your event.  Here are some suggestions: 

Metis Jiggers – Prairie Fire  

A talented and energetic performance done by a fun family dance group! – Prairie Fire, this lively and interactive group also aims to teach audiences about Metis culture through demonstrations of some of the most challenging jig dances.


Inuit Throat Singers - Sunsdrum

Siqiniup Qilauta (Sunsdrum) presents Inuit cultural performances that include throat singing, drum dancing and singing traditional Inuit songs (ayaya).  This talented group of youth has been actively performing since 2001, to both national and international audiences including Prince Charles and the Prime Minister. 

$1,500 + HST

Interactive Artist Stations 

Having interactive artist stations, where artisans are working on their craft or art has proven to be a very popular way to “bring the culture to life.” The cost per artist may vary (from $550 + HST to $900 + HST and we have some of the following local talents: 

  • Storytellers
  • Birch Bark Canoe Building
  • Snowshoe Building 
  • Traditional Games Demonstrations – Inuit and Metis voyageur (interactive)
  • Visual Artists (painting) 
  • Soap Stone Carving 
  • Hand Drum Creation 
  • Traditional Medicine Teachings 
  • Beading Styles and Process 
  • Traditions of Making Maple Syrup 
  • Teaching Circles on various topics including the medicine wheel, medicines, health, culture, environment, or other topics of interest from an Indigenous perspective
  • Traditional smoking and cooking demonstrations

We have hundreds of diverse traditional and contemporary Indigenous Artists from around the country in our database. Please contact us to discuss other options. 


Rental clients are welcome to provide their own catering and we can provide great local options for Indigenous and farm to table offerings.   For groups of 50 or more, we can provide inclusive catering services (when available) led by our resident Indigenous Chefs.  At this time, our Indigenous-themed  menus will be customized using seasonal products and tailored to your preferences and budget.

Meet our resident chefs


Anishnaabe Chef Paul Owl from Serpent River, First Nation creates unique and memorable meals inspired by nature around us with wild and foraged ingredients.   Most well known locally for his traditionally smoked meats and his popular traditional teas with Tea Tree Brewing, we are excited to welcome Paul to create some memorable farm and forest to table culinary experiences for our guests.


One of southern Canada’s few Inuit chefs, Chef Trudy Metcalfe- Coe has impressed groups with her fusion of north and south in her signature dishes.  She has prepared impressive meals including curried caribou stew to over 500 on Parliament Hill and always creates unique menus that blend new Indigenous flavours with some of our favourite dishes. 

Concierge Services

Here at Mādahòkì/Indigenous Experiences- we do not provide full wedding or event planning services, and we do expect our clients to be on-site for any special deliveries or contractor set-ups. However, you are invited to inquire about our Concierge Services at time of booking, also please note that any additional “set up days” will need to be booked at 50% of the daily rate to secure the space outside of your booking.  One of our Team members will be available to your needs on-site to coordinate your additional contractors for deliveries, décor, catering, or other services prior to or during your event.

  • $500 + HST/day