INDIGENOUS EXPERIENCES has a solid reputation for presenting and creating professional programs that reflect, and more importantly, respect the diverse Indigenous cultures of our communities.

Although there are other Indigenous event planners, we stand apart with the most extensive experience in sharing our culture with dignity and pride whether for the public at large, corporate audiences or our international clientele.

For over 25 years, our roots-proud and roots-driven organization has been presenting Indigenous Peoples culture, history, food, and arts to mainstream audiences in the form of invited performers, as coordinators of numerous festivals, special events, national and international conferences and as in-class presenters for elementary students.

In 2002, in partnership with the Odawa Friendship Centre, a cultural centre serving Indigenous communities in the capital region, we created a seasonal attraction in Ottawa-Gatineau that draws over 30,000 Canadian and International visitors each year and ranks as one of Canada’s most established and successful Indigenous cultural tourism products. The Indigenous Experiences attraction has been recognized with four industry awards and is designated as a DESTINATION CANADA Signature Experience.

Our ongoing partnerships within the Canadian Indigenous community and our vast network of entertainment and cultural resources have contributed to our position as indigenous tourism experts. We regularly provide consulting services for the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) and various provincial tourism ministries.